DVD Day: September 11th, 2012


? The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fifth Season

If you enjoy this show, great, but I always feel a little dirty including it in DVD Day.
I’m not 100% if this movie counts as nerdy either, but it has Chris Hemsworth swinging an axe and Charlize Theron turning into a big heap of ravens. Seemed better to include it than not.
The vampire romance drama without the sexual content.
Dear Spartacus: Vengeance: The Complete Second Season — do you mind if Star Trek Into Darkness borrows one of your commas? I really think it needs it.
Is this the one with Stephen Lang and the dinosaurs? I think it was. That’s how much I remember this show.
On Blu-ray. You know clowns that actually look like murderers are technically less scary than regular clowns, right? Weird but true.
I include this only to point out that Strawberry Shortcake has finally decided to market itself as hardcore lesbian pornography.

At 65 minutes long, I assume this a three-episode special or something.

The tagline is “Part motorcycle, part karate expert — all robot!” I must see it.