Geek Apparel of the Week: Adventure Kong, Top Disc, Head of Cobra

? I might have been about to resists this obvious Adventure Time/Donkey Kong mash-up, but then it featured the Ice King’s penguins minions wandering around with axes. I’M NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE. It’s $10 at Ript for the end of the day.

flynn 1_DETAIL.jpeg

? I’m not even sure I like this shirt that much, but it’s Tron, so I feel compelled to show it anyways. It need to be renamed to “Top Flynn” or “Tron Gun,” though, don’t you think? It’s $11 at The Yetee for the end of the day.


? Last but not least is this spectacular Cobra logo from We Love Fine, in which the Cobra soldiers did not heed Cobra Commander’s command to stop playing baseball inside the Terrordrome. It’s $25 here. Oh, and if you’re in an ’80s toyline-inspired t-shirt kind of mood, We Love Fine has just opened up their design-a-Transformers t-shirt contest, in which Peter Cullen will be a guest judge! Head here for more details.