Here’s 14 Massive/Pretty/Baffling Minutes of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

When Hideo Kojima releases a Metal Gear Solid preview, he does not fuck around; here’s a 14-minute clip of the recently announced Ground Zeroes, including a lengthy cinematic which seemlessly transitions into a bit of gameplay. A few thoughts: 1) This game is pretty. 2) The game field is massive. 3) The gameplay still looks exactly like every other MGS game, although this is way too small a sample to truly know for sure. 4) I don’t know how I feel about the ability to call a helicopter whenever you want. Apparently you have to travel to different countries and such — I like that — but it just seems weird to be able to get a helicopter ride when you’re ostensibly in the middle of infiltrating an enemy camp. 5) Did that kid have a cellphone hack in his chest? Weird.

Last but not least: Kojima says this is a prologue to MGS5, and it’s clearly starring an older Big Boss in his early Foxhound days. This is total speculation on my part, and there’s no evidence that I might be right, but if this is a prologue… might MGS5 be a remake of the original Metal Gear? Not MGS, but the first Metal Gear for the NES? It’s possible, but not very plausible. But how awesome would that be? (Via Geeks of Doom)