Movie News Trifecta: Guardians of the Galaxy, Castlevania, Indiana Jones 5

? James Gunn has not only been confirmed to direct Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but he’s going to rewrite it, too. Note: This is either going to be an instant cult hit or Marvel’s first complete failure. There is no in-between. (Via /Film)

? Michael Dorn says he’s currently playing a werewolf in a live-action Castlevanias movie, which is weird because no one knew a live-action Castlevania movie had started production. I’d like to give Dorn the benefit of the doubt, because the alternative is that a confused Dorn is running around the wilds of Canada in a werewolf costume, which is kind of sad. (Via Kotaku)


? Meanwhile, Karen Allen says Indiana Jones 5 is still coming. I don’t want to blow anyone’s minds here, but I have my doubts that Karen is really an integral part of the Steven Spielberg/George Lucas/Harrison Ford production discussions. More likely she was just accidentally cc’ed on an email or something. (Via The Mary Sue)