Someone’s Turning the (Captain) Power Back On

Tucked in one of Ain’t It Cool News’ 8,000-word essays about their tangential involvement in the proceedings, is this snippet of a press release:

Goddard Film Group’s producing team of Gary Goddard, Roger Lay Jr and Eric Carnagey are working with former Paramount Television Senior Executive Jeffrey Hayes, who was responsible for such television hits as STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION, FAMILY TIES, and CHEERS, to bring back Goddard’s Sci-fi Cult classic CAPTAIN POWER AND THE SOLDIERS OF THE FUTURE in the form of a weekly one-hour drama series titled PHOENIX RISING.

They have enlisted writers/producers Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens to develop this next evolution of the series. Recent television credits for the Reeves-Stevens include creating the new science-fiction drama series PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD, the North American spin-off of the UK hit PRIMEVAL. They also served as writers/producers on STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE for Paramount and RACE TO MARS for Discovery.

More details will be revealed soon…

As I’ve learned from running TR for the last four and a half years, there’s a lot of people who think Captain Power was actually quite a good sci-fi series, and I have zero evidence that they’re wrong. All I remember is that the show fired lasers at Captain Power toys, which was fucking awesome. Something tells me Phoenix Rising will not have the same capabilities, if only because no toy company not run by a lunatic would make Captain Power toys in 2012 — which is a damn shame. Surely with flatscreen HDs, the shooting-lasers-at-toys technology must have improved since the ’80s, and besides, augment reailty is all the rage now. Can you imagine kids fighting alien spaceships in their dens while the commercials are on? Kids would eat that shit up. Much thanks to Kurt A. for the tip (and the article title).