STYNK*: Dark Knight Returns, ThunderCats, Iron Man 3, Etc.


? Michael Emerson is going to voice the Joker in DC’s animated Dark Knight Returns. I love Emerson, but I can’t even imagine how that will sound. Although clearly DC isn’t even trying to make their DKR adaptation look like the seminal Frank Miller comic (look at the Joker! Christ!), so maybe how the Joker sounds doesn’t matter. (Via Spinoff)

? ThunderCats is still almost certainly canceled. There’s no official announcement, but the cartoon’s art director says “no one is working on it.” I imagine that’s all the death knell it’s going to get, unfortunately. (Via Tomopop)
? Here’s the English trailer for the first Berserk film, if you’re so inclined. Viz is releasing it on DVD and Blu-ray on November 27th.
? Battlestar Galactica‘s Tricia Helfer will appear on Community as an Inspector Spacetime super-fan. I approve of this mightily. (Via The Mary Sue)

? Speaking ofDoctor Who, here’s the Doctor and Amy Pond singing their absolutely terrible intrepretation of the Who theme song. (Via Buzzfeed)
? Okay, this Iron Man 3 thing is a spoiler — well, it’s a rumor, but if it’s true, it’s a pretty major spoiler, so meet me after the jump. It’s probably not true, though.


? Remember Tony’s weirdly flesh-colored Iron Man Mark VIII armor revealed at SDCC? (It’s above, if you’re having trouble remembering.) Well, rumors suggest it’s not the Mark VIII at all, but the Mark XLVII — i.e. 47, for those who don’t know their Roman numerals. If true, it means this is the armor that Stark would use to control 40 other armors — Marks IX -XLVI (I love Roman numerals) remotely.

This rumor comes from Latino Review, so I don’t actually believe it’s true (I find their rumor track record to be somewhat below .500, frankly). However, it does fit with the rumors that Iron Man will be fighting multiple armored villains, and would need a way to deal with them simultaneously; also, it would be an appropriately epic final battle for the third film. But back to the first hand, we don’t even know if the multiple armored villains rumor is real, so who the fuck knows. Right now, I’d treat this as a fun thought, but nothing approaching reality. (Via Live for Films)