TR Contest: Crappiest Comic Superhero


I’ve had this one ready since this post, where I wondered what dregs of the DC and Marvel universes Hasbro and Mattel would be dredging up for their far-too-expansive 3 3/4-inch toylines. Because that post got me thinking how much I used to love the Avengers back in the ’80s, until, for reasons that still baffle me, Dr. Druid was put in charge. Now, the problem wasn’t that Dr. Druid was a third-rate Dr. Strange, who was suddenly put in charge of Thor and the other Avengers; the problem was that he was being mind-controlled by the daughter of Kang the Conquerer when his whole power was his mind. That’s how much he sucked. All Dr. Druid accomplished was disassembling the Avengers long before Bendis did, and when the Avengers reformed in issue #300, it was with Captain America as U.S. Agent and Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman.

I blame Dr. Druid for that, too.

So it’s your turn. Pick Marvel, or DC, or whatever, but the characters have been primarily comic book based, and they have to be seriously intended — they can’t be from The Tick or the like. As always, the rules are here, the contest ends at 3am EST on Monday, and I’m seriously looking forward to this one. Let the mean-spirited times roll, people.