Hasbro Sees Mattel’s Wonder Twins, and Raises Them with Spidey’s Amazing Friends


It’s only taken about 30 years, but the Spider-friend will finally get their own dedicated action figures as a three-pack in Hasbro’s 3 3/4-inch Marvel line. Apparently, it’ll be a Toys R Us exclusive, which isn’t bad considering it’s effectively based on a terrible cartoon from the ’70s ’80s. Still, since Mattel is making Gleek, they’re probably ahead until Hasbro makes Ms. Lion.

Actually, I’m getting a little worried about these 3 3/4-inch figures from Hasbro and Mattel; clearly, they’re cheap enough to produce that the toy companies are no longer discriminating in who they should make. I fully expect a Doctor Druid figure from Hasbro (which I will buy, so I can set it on fire for ruining the Avengers back in the ’80s) and the Green Lantern as the Bottler from Mattel…and that shit ain’t right. Hmm. This gives me an idea for this weekend’s TR contest… (Via Marvelous News)