There and Back and Back and Back Again

I had no idea that there were technically four different Hobbit trailers released yesterday until I woke up this morning. They’re mostly the same, but they each have a different scene at the end; some kind soul has assembled them into one video for your viewing pleasure. All four scenes are pretty outstanding, I must say. 

Additionally, you guys raised a good point in the comments for the Hobbit trailer yesterday in that the movie does look a lot more light-hearted than the Lord of the Rings movies, obviously because The Hobbit is a lot more light-hearted than the Lord of the Rings books. I imagine we Tolkien fans can weather the change pretty easily, but what about all those millions of people who only know the movies? Will they find The Hobbit movies to be too goofy for them? Will they be disappointed in all the humor? Could The Hobbit be a Phantom Menace for LotR movie fans? I don’t know the answer, but I certainly think it’s possible. We’ll see, obviously. (Via First Showing)