This Weekend’s DC Nation Trifecta

Everything returns in DC’s DC Nation animation block this Saturday morning, complete with new Green Lantern, new Young Justice, and a new Super Best Friends Forever short! Each of these are pretty awesome and have preview clips, so shall we?

? Green Lantern introduces Guy Gardner, voiced by Diedrich Baker, who is instantly and immediately a huge dick to Hal. It’s great.
? If you recall, Clone Speedy found the original Speedy in the last new Young Justice episode, and it looks like original Speedy is a touch worse for wear. I really, really hope a crippling heroin addiction is in his future.
? Lauren Faust’s fantastic SBF4E returns in short #4, in which Solomon Grundy refuses to fight the trip because they’re girls OH NO HE DIDNT. Incidentally, the new season of Clone Wars premieres too, for the record, having been moved to Saturday morning. You might want to stock up on some heavily sweetened cereal, because Saturday morning is gonna be pretty awesome. (Via ToyNewsI)