TR Contest Special: Memos from Umbrella Corp., Sponsored by Resident Evil: Damnation

resident evil damnation prizes.jpg

Hey, remember that CG Resident Evil movie Damnation that came out on DVD and Blu-ray this week? Well, not only is it getting pretty solid reviews (check ’em out on Amazon), but it also happens to be sponsoring this weekend’s TR contest! Two lucky winners will receive a copy of Resident Evil: Damnation on Blu-ray or DVD, along with the exclusive figurine above and a variety of movie posters! 

If you want to win one of the prize packs, you have to win my favorite TR contest theme: Memos. Yes, your job is to imagine what kind of memos get sent around at the preposterously evil and rather confused Umbrella corporation. Obviously, Umbrella will have upper management, middle management, and a robust R&D division — but I imagine their janitorial staff has an issue or two cleaning up the joint. The HR department must be a nightmare. And I’m dying to know what the accountants think of their company’s plan to turn everybody on the planet into zombies.
So make up these memos. It can be from the games or the movies; they can even come from the monsters if you have a good enough idea. The more memo-like it is (to/from, subject lines, etc.) the better. Three entries per person, and the contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, October 1st — and don’t forget to check out Resident Evil‘s Facebook page, if you please! Meanwhile, have a great weekend, and don’t stick anything in your hearhole that isn’t supposed to go in there.