A Long, Goshdurned Time Ago in a Cornfield Far, Far Away


Okay, this isn’t exactly a cornfield, but someone did recreate the main cast of the original Star Wars trilogy as scarecrows in their front yard, and the results as as ridiculous as they are creepy, and they’re pretty fucking ridiculous. You can see many more pictures of the entire display over at The Chive, although afterwards I hope you come back to make farm-themed parodies of famous Star Wars quotes in the comments. “All right, kid! Let’s tip this cow and go home!”

FYI, Ms. Robot is having a touch of surgery tomorrow — nothing major or dangerous — but I’d obviously like to be with her, so 1) Chris Cummins will be running the show tomorrow and 2) there will be no FFF (/tries not to let face fill simultaneously with glee and immense relief, fails). I’ll make it up to you next week. Chris will be running the contest, which I happen to know the theme of, and it’s going to be AWESOME, so please make sure to stop by. See you Monday, kids!