Stallone Tries to Make the Mel Gibson Humble in New Expendables III Trailer


That jabroni have the raisin balls and the rice krispy dick worse than the Justin Bieber. Anyway, while I like the in-joke of Wesley Snipes being a prisoner finally busting out – and scratch my head at the notion that Robert Davi deserves above-the-title credits alongside the actual big-name talent in the cast – I remain mixed about this one. My problem with the Expendables as a team is the same one I had as a kid with most toy lines – MASK, G.I. Joe, you name it. That being: the good guys have way more cool stuff AND more people on their side, so how are the bad guys ever a threat? (Nonetheless, make this an actual MASK movie with the same guys, and I’d be soooo there.)

Also, can we let somebody other than Sylvester Stallone write these?