All Hail the Teenage Lego Ninja Turtles (With Bonus Lego Hobbit Awesomeness)


? It’s a good day to be a Lego fan with a lot of disposable income, and a slightly less good day to be a poor Lego fan, because Lego just announced they scored the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license, based on the new Nickelodeon cartoon. There’s only one set so far, the Shellraiser Street Chase, which includes the Party Wagon (or whatever they’re calling it nowadays) and the figures you see above; it’ll run you $60 and be out, presumably with someother sets, this January. Lego showed off mini-figs of the whole TMNT cast, which you can see here, but if you just want to see a close-up of one of the Turtles..


…there you go. But that’s not all, because Lego also debuted several new Hobbit sets, including Barrel Escape, Riddle of the Ring and The Goblin King Battle, which includes Chinballs, the ball-chinned king of the goblins. Here’s the Battle set:


It’s $100, out in December.” target=”_blank”>You can see the other sets and a few mini-figure close-ups here. Thanks to Peter H. for the tip!(Via ToyNewsI)