By the (Awesome, Expensive) Power of (Castle) Grayskull


I may bitch about Mattel’s Masters of the Universe line — and when I say “may” I mean “constantly and unceasingly” — but I have to give them full credit for debuting a huge, awesome, tremendous Castle Grayskull playset for the MotUC line. Only drawing are available right now, but the thing is gorgeous — it’s got three floors, two secret doors, the drawbridge, a throne, an elevator, a handle, a place for the Wind Raider, and more, all of it scaled to the larger, 6-inch MotUC figures. The only downside is that it’s going to cost a massive $250 to pre-order — and you have to pre-order — but I fully undestand why, since it’s such a massive, totally new item. has more pics and details, if you’re so inclined. If you need me, I’ll be prostituing myself on the streets to earn a little scratch before the pre-orders for this thing starts.