Diamond Select Announces New X-Files Minimates and Action Figures


It’s no fluke, man. The toys will be out there soon enough.

Diamond have already kicked things of with MInimates based on the upcoming X-Files miniseries, but they’re expanding that line into classic four-packs pretty quickly, as seen above. The best news is yet to come, though, as 7-inch scale figures, as yet unseen, will expand Diamond Select’s ever-growing acquisition of fan-favorite licenses for the Select figures. It’ll kick off with current versions of Mulder and Scully, with plans to expand into the classic series after that. Like most Select figures, expect them to be available with diorama bases in specialty stores, and more basic stands at Toys R Us.

Anyone hoping this finally means a chance at Doggett and Reyes figures? No? I’ll settle for Frank Black from that one Millennium cross-over episode. One can never have too much Henriksen.