DC News Trifecta: NYCC Collectibles, Arrow Premieres Tonight, New Action Comics Team

DC trifecta header.jpg

? DC Comics just announced the collectibles that they will be unveiling during their New York Comic Con panel tomorrow. Along with the latest assortment of Batman: Arkham City action figures you see above, they’ll also be premiering their “DC Comics Bombshells” statue line (featuring stylized takes on Wonder Woman and Supergirl), several new Superman statues, a statue based on Oliver Queen as he appears in Arrow, and other statues.

So, you know, statues. Full details can be found here.

? Speaking of Arrow, the series premieres tonight at 8pm EST. Here’s an interview with producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg in which they tell fans what they can expect from the series — i.e. lots and lots of arrows and “realistic” heroics. Woooo. Anyway, today is also “Arrow Day,” in which you can go into your local comic book store and get a free copy of the tie-in book Arrow #1. (Be sure to listen closely for the mocking of store employees as you exit). You can read more about the giveaway at DC’s blog. Will the series run as long as Smallville? Do you even care at all?

Action Comics new.jpg

? Beginning in March with issue 18, Action Comics‘ new creative team will have Andy Diggle taking over writing duties from the departing Grant Morrison. Joining Diggle on this open-ended run will be Detective Comics/The Tenth‘s Tony Daniel. The title has been one of DC’s most creatively satisfying (and profitable) titles thus far, so it will be interesting to see how this regime change will impact the book. Your first glimpse of Supes in his new duds from the comic appears above, and insights from Diggle and Daniel — an awesome name for a comedy duo, by the way — can be found here.