GIVEAWAY: Catwoman OR Robin T-Shirt From TVStoreOnline!


For all the talk we’ve been having this morning about the Joker’s 75th anniversary, let’s not forget that 1940 introduced a couple of other key Bat-family characters as well. Robin and Catwoman are looking good for their age, and to celebrate, in partnership with TVStoreOnline, we have a couple of pretty sweet shirts to make you wholly catatonic with joy.

There have been many, many iterations of Robin and Catwoman over the years: not all of them Dick Grayson or Selina Kyle, even. To win one of these shirts, find an image of any one you like, add text to make it a meme, and post it to comments below. NOTE: you can choose either character and win either shirt, i.e. a Robin meme can win you a Catwoman shirt, or vice versa. The winner chooses which of the two shirts he or she wants. Entries will close next Wednesday, March 25th, 2015, at noon Pacific time. Open to readers with a U.S. or Canada address.