G4 Continues Its Final Slide into Total Irrelevance


Since G4 announced it would be doing away with anything unique about its programming and instead would be focusing on “being a shittier Spike TV” (I’m paraphrasing here), we’ve all been waiting to see who at G4 would fall first and by “we” I mean lazy people who have the channel on but can’t find their remote.. Turns out it’s X-Play and Attack of the Show, which… uh… were pretty much the only thing that gave the channel any sort of identity anyways. The two programs were canceled at the end of last week. Seeing as the shows weren’t particularly nerdy anyways, I think “DOOOOOOOMED” is the appropriate tag to use. Here’s a sentence I guarantee was heard somewhere in the G4 executive offices the last month: “You know who we need to host out new shows? Someone sexy like Olivia Munn, but less nerdy.” (Via /Film)