Little Shop of Horrors’ Goofy Alternate Ending Revealed

Originally, Frank Oz wanted Little Shop of Horrors to feature the same ending of the Off-Broadway show that inspired the movie. The only problem was that in this finale, everybody dies. Bummer. But Oz filmed footage of mean green mothers from outer space taking over the world anyway, only to have his intended conclusion shot down by studio execs after a disastrous test screening forced him to do reshoots that resulted in the film as we know it. When the movie originally came to DVD in 1998, it featured black and white workprint footage of the plant-induced carnage that has been on YouTube for years. Producer David Geffer was displeased at the shoddy nature of this material and had the DVD recalled (with rumors abounding that he was planning on a re-release that featured a color version of the original ending). That never happened until yesterday when Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut Blu-ray was released. As you can see above, this weird alternate ending completely changes the tone of the entire movie…though the model work is stunning. Admittedly it’s nice to finally see this footage in color and with completed music and sound effects. But I’m firmly in the camp that believes that the theatrical version is way better. Now that you’ve seen this alternate version, what do you all think? (Via Yahoo)