Ridley Scott Just Merged the Alien and Blade Runner Universes


The Prometheus DVD/Blu-ray comes out tomorrow, in which there’s the text Easter Egg shown above, which is apparently a note “dictated” by Weyland, which could only be less subtle if it said “I had a friend who used to Run Blades.” But there’s also a little featurette called “Merging Universes” in which its revealed that Ridley Scott:

1) Thought about calling Weyland Industries Weyland-Tyrell instead, based after the Tyrell corporation in Blade Runner, and
2) One of Weyland’s bodyguards was going to have the name “Batty” on his armor, indicating he’s Roy Batty, the replicant played by Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner.
(You can see the accompanying screenshots for these two thing at the link below.) I think this is a terrible idea, mostly because I hated Prometheus, although honestly even without Prometheus I would have no desire for Blade Runner and Alien to suddenly be connected. They stand alone, they aren’t any richer for taking place in the same universe, and don’t share anything other than being sci-fi movies made by Ridley Scott back when he was good. The other, bigger problem is that Scott is supposedly working on a Blade Runner sequel, which is now almost certainly going to take place in this new, awkward area between the two classics and do nothing other than further connect these two movies that don’t need connecting. I swear to god, if I ever see a Blade Runner fight an Alien, I’m going to scream. (Via First Showing)