STYNK: Man of Steel, Walking Dead, Robocop, Roger Rabbit, Etc.

? Mattel released the above trailer for some Superman toys which are meant to be capitalizing on the “Angry Birds in real life” games that are apparently an actual phenomenon now. Anyways, it includes a figure of Zod, who may or may not look like he will in Man of Steel. So… that’s it, really. It’s a toy which may or may not be a highly stylized look at a character in an upcoming movie. Try to contain your excitement. (Via io9)

? The Walking Dead season 3 premiere — which I thought was the show’s best episode since the initial two-hout pilot, personally, was the most watched drama on basic cable… ever. Apparently 10.9 million people tuned in, presumably all hoping to see if Lori would die in agony. (Via CBR)
? There’s a new trailer for The RZA’s Man with the Iron Fists focusing on Bronze Lion here.
? MGM has swapped Robocop‘s August 2013 premiere date with Elysium‘s February 2014, partially because Elysium is looking pretty good but mostly because the Robocop remake sucks a bag of dicks. (Via The AV Club)
? Bob Zemeckis has a script for Roger Rabbit 2. This would terrify me even if Bob Hoskins hadn’t already retired. (Via /Film)

? The above trailer for the Transformers Universe MMO looks pretty good, in all honesty. Of course, I’ve just come back from an ophthalmology appointment where my eyes had the living bejeezus dilated out of them and can barely see, so you might want to check for yourselves.