Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Eva Horse

ANN isn’t particularly clear about this, but I believe that above is one part of a whole Evangelion-themed ad campaign for the Japanese Racing Association. It involves these commercials (narrated by the voice of Misato), a website that discussing horse-racing in Evangelion terms, and an incredible backstory for Eva Unit-0-Horse: 

[The ad]
shows the “Eva-Impact” racing with real-life jockey Yutaka Take at the controls. “Eva-Impact” is an humanoid thoroughbred developed by JRA and Nerv as the “Final Battle Weapon Type Horse.” Eva-Impact was born from the combination of Nerv technology and DNA extracted from legendary horses with a 150-year lineage. The fall of the Spear of Longinus triggered the development of this weapon.
Well, of course it did. So I have a theory, and it’s that Gainax has its own version of the Human Instrumentality Project, which involves turning every single item on the planet into Evangelion merchandise. It’s about the only explanation for all this insanity that makes sense anymore.