Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Soine-Ya

im sooooo tired.jpg

From Kotaku:

The latest business to make a splash in Japan’s nerdom is always patrons to sleep with ladies. That’s it, apparently. Just sleep. Um.

Located in Akihabara, it’s called Soine-ya; “soine” (???) means “sleeping together”, and “ya” (?) means “shop”. The business’s concept, however, isn’t originally Japanese as website IT Media claims the idea was based on a similar business in New York. It’s apparently the first of its kind in Japan.

Soine-ya is not cheap. After shelling out ?3,000 (US$39) in membership charges, 20 minutes of “together” sleep costs another ?3,000, while six hours can reach ?30,000 (US$386). That’s not even a full night’s rest!

The nickel-and-diming, though, is mind-boggling. For example, customers must pay ?1,000 ($13) to have the lady resting her hand on their arm for three minutes, while gazing at each other for one minute costs another ?1,000. If you want to put your head on the lady’s lap, it’s three minutes for, well, ?1,000.

You know, my initial reaction was one of bewilderment, of course, but the more I think about the more I think this is excrutiatingly sad. These people aren’t perverts — there are plenty of people they could pay to have sex with in a variety of sleep-related scenarios, if they so chose. These are people who are so lonely and starved for affection that they’re willing to hire someone to sleep next to them — and there are people sociopathic that there willing to turn that service into a commodity. It’s all just really, really sad on pretty much every level.
Kind of wish I’d posted a terrifying sex toy instead, don’t you?