The (Arkham) Inmates Are Building the Asylum!


Meet the newest installment in Lego’s campaign to get all of your money: Arkham Asylum Breakout. This 1351-piece box of awesomeness will be out in January, and run you about $160, although that includes  eight 8 minifigures of Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Scarecrow and an Arkham guard. Lego lists the set’s features as…

? Arkham Asylum, security gate, gothic d?cor, moss, vines and ice elements
? Vehicles include security van
? Security van features opening back doors, removable roof and stretcher
? Arkham Asylum features opening cell doors, special Poison Ivy cell with transparent doors, the Mr. Freeze icy tower room, the Dr. Harleen Quinzel office and changing room, medical treatment room and security reception area
? Security gate features opening double doors and security camera

They kind of buried the lede here, but an Arkham Asylum Lego set with special prisons for Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze? Unnngggh. This thing is so awesome it almost makes for the nonsense I’m going to post next. Almost. (Via The Brothers Brick)