The Dutch Is Strong With This One

I don’t care how much debt you have incurred to expand your Star Wars toy collection, Jambe Davdar is still a bigger fan than you are. Over the past couple of years Davdar has created the documentaries Star Wars Begins, Building Empire and Returning to Jedi (as well as the Indiana Jones doc Raiding the Lost Ark). While unauthorized, these “filmumentaries” are light years better than the self-congratulatory documentaries featured on the Star Wars and Indy blu-rays. In his continuing quest to bring all rare Star Wars-related footage to the masses, Davdar (whose real name is the less expanded universe-sounding Jamie Benning) has just uploaded the above clip from a Dutch TV program about the making of The Empire Strikes Back. There’s some amazing stuff here, so set aside 15 minutes and check it out.

This does bring up an interesting mystery though. At the end of this clip there’s a brief couple of shots featuring Mark Hamill in character as Luke Skywalker on some talk show accompanied by Boba Fett and a Cloud City guard. Anyone know what the deal with this thing is? Because NEED TO SEE.