The New Castle Grayskull Would Be the Greatest Toy Ever If It Were Getting Made, Which It’s Not

I don’t really understand how Mattel can’t get the new Castle Grayskull playset sculpted — I thought they pretty much had the famed toy sculptors the Four Horsemen under contract or something — but I’m sure they would if they could. Because without a physical prototype to show off, Mattel’s “Toy Guru” Scott Neitlich is forced to try and drum up pre-orders with this foam representation. Amazingly, the foam set is still impressive, if only because it’s so goddamned huge. Having the old Grayskull set next to it was a great move, because that thing was not small. If the new Grayskull gets made, it’ll be absolutely incredible.

Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen. The pre-order “goal” bar is less than 20% filled, with only three weeks to go. As much as He-Man fans have been clamoring for this (and yes, I refuse to call them He-Fans) there’s just not enough of them — or enough of them with $250 to spare — to make this happen. I want this thing more than life itself, and I’m not pre-ordering one because I can’t afford it. I can’t really afford the regular MotUC subscription either, but that I means I really can’t afford Grayskull. And if a He-Man fan as hardcore as I am can’t order it, I know there are plenty of sad bastards in the same boat with me. Why don’t you try this again during a year when you haven’t forced the Star Sisters, the Snake Men, the Griffin and Procrustus on us, Mattel. (Via