TV Trifecta: Red Dwarf, Inuyasha, Walking Dead

? The tenth season of Red Dwarf premieres in Foreign Land on Thursday, and OH MY GOD THEY’RE ALL SO OLD. I feel TR‘s resident RD aficionado Chris Cummins said it best: “I’m looking forward to this even though I just know it’s going to let me down.” I will say that this is probably the one time eve that a laugh track helps a TV series. Gazpacho Soup has a few more clips if you’re so inclined.

? Viz is finally bringing over Inuyasha: The Final Act in November to DVD, Blu-ray, their Neon Alley online service, and reportedly Toonami might get into the gamne too. So if somehow you managed to sit through all 160 or so episodes of the first Inuyasha series and still give a shit about any of it but didn’t illegally torrent the anime… well, you’re in luck. (Via Japanator)
? The Walking Dead‘s new webisode series has begin, and the first installment is above. I haven’t watched it, but only because I’m excited about Walking Dead season 3 and I’d prefer to stay that way.