Dear vs. Bear Proves Bollywood Is Taking Awesomely Bad Inspiration From Syfy Movies


It’s about a soccer team…stranded in the woods…attacked by insanely fake digital bears…whom they fight back against by kicking footballs at them.

The best part is the way the trailer conspicuously credits the special effects director as if it were anything to be proud of – unless “Ashish Saxena” is Hindi for “Tommy Wiseau,” I would have thought whoever was responsible would want to hide in shame. And the YouTube comments the movie’s own distribution company has posted include such gems as “VERY GOOD SENSIBLE , ROMANTIC, MOVIE” and “Uttar kumar and Lovely joshi super acting.?”

You don’t have to speak Hindi to get the effect – I wouldn’t be surprised, actually, if the movie’s better when you don’t.

h/t Grady Hendrix via Mike Toole