Uwe Boll Presents the Walking, No-Make-Up-Below-the-Neck, Easily Punched Dead

I don’t know how or why it took so long for Uwe Boll to jump on the zombie gravy train, but he’s certainly on it now — here’s a trailer for his newest flick, Zombie Massacre. I don’t want to rock your world, but it might not be a cinematic masterpiece, possibly partially because Boll seems to have a very all-inclusive interpretation of “zombies” (and you can see in the video’s still above). These guys look more like monsters than the undead, and the only make-up and prosthetics they seem to have are located on their heads. Really, it would still be pretty benign except for the lady wielding the samurai sword. DAMMIT, BOLL, YOU’RE MAKING MICHONNE LOOK BAD. NOT COOL, DUDE.