Aweseome Bad Movie Trifecta: Creeporia, Age of The Hobbits, Manborg

? Topless Roboteer Greymattersplat alerted me to Creeporia, a movie he’s an extra in, which will hit VOD next month. It’s obviously tongue-in-cheek, but that doesn’t make the sight of a werewolf wearing a vest or an old dude dragging a sled full of severed heads any last awesome.

? Remember The Asylum’s trademark infringing Age of the Hobbits movie I said was going to get crushed? Warner Bros. has begun the crushing. Note: I sincerely doubt Age of the Hobbits is going to be awesome (or even get made), but it seemed unfair to call this article a “Bad Movie Trifecta” when Creeporia and the next entry look so fun. (Via Blastr)
? This is the trailer for Manborg. Watch it, and know your life has irrevocably changed for the better. Apparently it’s coming out in January, meaning I now have a new reason why I hope the world doesn’t end in December. (Via Gamma Squad)