DVD Day: November 6th, 2012


The only thing this fantastic, extras-laden set lacks is a pair of sunglasses that let you see the fascist aliens who run the world.
Technically, about four different versions of The Amazing Spider-Man are currently outselling They Live, but I’m putting They Live up top because of the two of them, They Live is far more amazing.
I prefer A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie myself, mainly for the scene where Kermit sees what the Muppets would be like without him and they’re all insane, but I shan’t humbug anyone who wants to pick this up. Note: The fact this premiered 20 years ago makes me very, very old.
Sorry, this is just 16 random episodes from seasons 2 and 3. Great title, though.
There are really 10 sesons of Red Vs. Blue? My perception of reality is not equipped to handle that.
If your perception of reality is equipped to handle that, then you might want to pick up this, which contains all 10 seasons on 14 discs for $160.
The awesome, sub-B ’70s sci-fi flick directed by John Carpenter and with special effects by Return of the Living Dead‘s Dan O’Bannon, on Blu-ray.
The animated cult classic comes to Blu-ray.