Here’s Your Latest Nerd News Round-Up

? Jeremy Renner hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, an event which resulted in the awkward Avengers parody that you see above.
? It is being reported that up to 27 animals involved with the production of The Hobbit have died. Entertainment Weekly has a rundown of the tragic full story. (Anyone else suspect that PETA members are buying up all sorts of prosthetic Hobbit feet right now in anticipation of their planned protest outside of theaters screening the film on December 14th?) For his part, Peter Jackson has denied that animals were mistreated on set. It appears that Hobbitgate is now officially a thing.
? Some dude over at i09 is rightfully raving about Hot Toys’ new Agent Coulson figure.
? In today’s compilation of Star Wars non-news, Brad Bird won’t direct Episode VII, and Peter Serafinowicz, Peter Mayhew, David Tennant, Tom Hiddleston, and Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams would all like to be in the new flick, thank you very much.
? Glee is doing a superhero-themed episode for Thanksgiving. As if you needed another reason to loathe the holidays.
? Marvel is giving hints about their upcoming Age of Ultron mini-series. (Via Comic Book Resources)
? Finally, HBO has released this teaser for the third season of Game of Thrones:You know a show is officially a phenomenon when a content-free first look like this one causes an Internet frenzy. It’s going to be an impossible wait until March 31st rolls around.