Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Bleep Bloop

I’ve noticed during my time here at Topless Robot that a few of you have joked about how I am a “master of emotions” because the contests I have run tended to involve getting you folks to discuss your feelings on geeky stuff. Aww. This is a totally valid observation, as I am fascinated by the deeper ways in which people’s obsessions with comics/toys/whatever impacts their personal lives and defines — either in subtle or extreme ways — who they are. What I have discovered time and again is that people who are passionate about their forms of entertainment are equally passionate about life itself. We are a long way from the days of Revenge of the Nerds and William Shatner’s “Get a Life” Saturday Night Live sketch here, and I feel confident enough to say that at this point most “nerds” are normal folk who never bought into the stereotypical hierarchy of living with their parents forever, never dating and being socially awkward. Instead these are ordinary people who just happen to love spending a weekend doing something like having a Game of Thrones viewing marathon.
Which brings us to the story of Joe and Emily. Wanting a truly unforgettable engagement story, Joe hired a custom jewelry company to craft an R2-D2 ring that he would present to Emily for a Halloween party at the New Jersey tattoo parlor where they met. (One at which they came dressed as Charlie Brown and Lucy). You can see what happened when Joe proposed above and get a good look at the Artoo ring he had customized. I give fanboys a hard time a lot, but watching this did nothing but cement my opinion that nerds are the absolute best…and truly my people.