STYNK*: Episode VII, Arrow, Clone Wars, The Goon, Etc.

? Someone dug up this 1983 interview with Mark Hamill about the plot of Episode VII, during one of the intermittent times George Lucas said he was going to make three trilogies. Interestingly, we know exactly as much now as Hamill was able to tell us in 1983. Fun! (Via The Mary Sue)

* Our own Gene Hoyle, loyal Topless Roboteer for goodness-knows-how-long, broke the news that Manhunter — a.k.a. Kate Spencer, not of the Martian variety — will be debuting on this week’s episode of Arrow, during his most recent Nerd Nation podcast with comics writer Mark Andreyko. Well done, Gene!

? Clone Wars is almost certainly moving to Disney XD when its contract with Cartoon Network ends in after this season, in 2013. This will be a pretty huge addition for Disney XD, although it makes me bitter because if this had happened sooner it could have possibly saved my beloved Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. (Via /Film)
? The Goon movie Kickstarter is about $100,000 short of its $400,000 goal, and it only has five days to go. This is a goddamn shame, because all of our lives would be immeasurably enriched by having an animated Goon movie in our lives. Thanks to Nick P. for reminding me!

? The 2014 U.S. Olympic Luge team will be wearing X-O Manowar uniforms, because 1) Valiant paid them a lot of money and 2) life is fucking bananas. (Via Gamma Squad)
? Speaking of Kickstarter, Megas XLR creator George Kristic got the rights to the show back from CN, and will likely try to restart the series, via Kickstarter, in the near future. Starting saving that change! Thanks to everybody who sent this in.