STYNK: GRRM Vs. JRRT, Disney, Hasbro, Episode VII, Hobbit, Arrow, Etc.

? George R. R. Martin considers who would win in a battle between his literary creations and J.R.R. Tolkien’s, in what I like to call “Battle of the R.R.s.” NOW GET BACK TO THAT WRITING DESK, GEORGE.

? Is Disney thinking about buying Hasbro? Yes. Duh. Hasbro is denying talks are talking place, and maybe they aren’t (I’d bet they are), but I guantee someone high up is Disney is wondering if they should buy the toy company that has the licenses to their two biggest acquisitions of the last three years. (Via

? Mark Millar says the only reason Matthew Vaughn dropped out of Days of Future Past was to do some movie called The Secret Service, not for any Star Wars-related reason. (Via /Film)

? Of course, now the rumor is that Lucas met with Colin Trevorrow, who recently directed the indie romantic comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. He may be a genius, but if Disney gives Episode VII to someone this unknown I’ll eat my hat. (Via Collider)
? Radagast’s theme from The Hobbit is all over the place, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.
? Apparently Freddie Prinze Jr. called anime “Japanimation” when discussing the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost the other day, forcing him to issue the world’s most bemused apology to incensed anime fans. It feels weird enjoying something Freddie Prinze Jr. was involved in.
? The Mortal Kombat movie is still a thing that is happening, apparently. (Via Gamma Squad)
? The newest DC villain getting added to Arrow is Count Vertigo. I have no idea who that is. (Via Comics Alliance)
? Warner Bros. finally gave up on the Elfquest movie, and the Pinis handed them immediately over to the girls who made that exceptionally accurate and pretty fan trailer. I’m not a big Elfquest fan, but that’s very cool. (Via First Showing)