The Boys from the Dwarf Are Back with a New DVD/Blu-ray

As someone who once suggested that the best way to save Red Dwarf was to end it, you can imagine my ambivalent feelings when I learned that there were going to be new episodes of the show. The last time the characters appeared was in the aggressively unfunny 2008 special, Back to Earth. Co-creator and writer Doug Naylor must have learned his lesson from that debacle as Red Dwarf X recently aired on the UK’s Dave network and was hailed by fans as a return to the character-driven feel of the early seasons. The show has yet to be (officially) broadcast on these shores, but a DVD and Blu-ray release is scheduled for here on January 8th. Until then, you can catch a highlight reel created for British stores above to get a feel for the boys from the Dwarf’s latest adventures.