You Should Now Be Able to Edit Comments, and We’ll Have a New Editor Soon, Promise

Hey folks. You don’t know me — unless you do, then why don’t we hang out more often? — but I’m the director of web content and traffic for Voice Media Group, the parent company of Topless Robot.

As many of you know, we rolled out a new commenting system recently, and it was bumpy. And by bumpy, I mean all kinds of screwed up. We got a lot of feedback, and we want that to keep coming. Which is why we just rolled out a new version of Livefyre that lets you edit comments and include links. You can also embed vids, songs and pics from YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and Pinterest.

Topless Robot is getting this new update first out of all our sites, so please bang around a little and let us know what you think.

In other news, I miss Rob just as much as you guys do, and we’re deep in the hunt for a replacement. We’ve already received over 100 applications, and Rob is helping us along the way, so I think we should be making an announcement soon. Right now Chris is doing a great job covering, but the frequency of posts will probably drop a little over the next few days. Fear not: I promise we’ll have this site fully armed and operational soon.