Falcon Crest: The Fan Construction Project of the Millennium

Don’t get cocky. Until it’s finished; then brag to the high heavens.

For over three decades now, children have waited patiently for Santa to bring them a Millennium Falcon. Initially, that meant the awesome-but-somewhat-inaccurate Kenner toy from the original movie; more recently, an upscaled Hasbro version with more detail became the most must-have starship in the Star Wars universe.

Chris Lee of Tennessee, however, wasn’t satisfied with even that. He’s building his own full-scale replica. Building his own Stormtrooper armor as part of the 501st Legion was apparently not enough of a challenge.

The trouble with recreating movie reality, however, is that you run into some real-world issues. It turns out that, like the TARDIS, the Falcon was bigger on the inside. This requires some fudging, but the 3D digital blueprint in the video below gives you an idea how he plans to pull it off:

With a foundation of concrete and steel beams, this sucker should last longer than the toy you hurled across the room several Christmases ago. Just as long as Lee never puts it up as a stake in a card game; nobody else needs to learn the Lando lesson the hard way.