Go Go Floppy Morphin Power Rangers!


I was too old to appreciate any kind of kid appeal from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and admit that at first I dismissed the series as cheesy garbage. It wasn’t until I discovered the joys of alcohol that I realized the cheesiness was part of its charm, from the obviously zippered costumes to the middle-aged guys apparently still in high school as their hairlines receded. When the show actually developed story arcs like the Gold Ranger saga, I was genuinely hooked. And the Zeo Christmas episode where they all became vaguely racist without actually violating any network PC standards was pure hilarity.

Paul Freeman’s Ivan Ooze in the movie was also some sort of genius. Friggin’ Belloq as a master of pink slime is something you can’t not appreciate, though I do question whether the movie’s early digital effects were ultimately any better than the man-in-suit battles on the show.

It is in that spirit of cheese and dated effects that I bring you this: the Power Rangers theme as performed by the buzzes of eight floppy disc drives. Because when you need Megazord power now, it would be a betrayal of the original spirit to have it be state-of-the-art.

via Nerdist