Guillermo del Toro Presents Original, Scary “Mama” Short

The GDT-presented horror film Mama opens January 18th, semi-opposite Jessica Chastain’s more “respectable” Oscar vehicle, Zero Dark Thirty. If it hasn’t gotten your attention yet, he wants to show you the original short that brought the material to his. I suspect it may have you hooked by the end.

In three minutes, that’s some pretty effective suspense. I’m tempted to credit the creature design, but I have seen similar in lesser productions that just don’t work at all. Can’t remember being this creeped out by YouTube before, though.

For the rest of the story, check out the feature in three weeks. And let’s hope it can sustain a three-minute concept over a full run-time.

Mama, weer all crazee now

Source: The Movie Box via