Hot Toys Rolls Dice, Comes up Snake Eyes

HTSnake Eyes.jpg

Hasbro already allowed themselves to be one-upped by Sideshow – albeit so expensively so that no kid could likely afford or care – and now they’re letting Hot Toys in on the action as well. Behold the most expensive Snake Eyes figure you’re ever likely to own, if indeed you take the plunge.

Despite being pulled suddenly last summer from its release date for a hasty 3D conversion and speculated Channing Tatum reshoots, G. I. Joe: Retaliation looks truer to the toys/comics/cartoons than its predecessor, with a mirror-helmeted Cobra Commander, vehicles that actually look like Hasbro concepts, and yes, a Snake Eyes who doesn’t have Power Ranger-style sculpted lips in his mask, as you can see here. It’d probably be too much to hope they make the Joe team American again – no offense to international viewers; it’s just that if you’re going to take the “Real American Hero” name away, you might as well call the team “Action Force” – but there’s always a chance.

Presumably, the most expensive action figure ever of The Rock is not far away. More pics of Snake Eyes can be found on Hot Toys’ Facebook page.