Let’s Talk About That Pacific Rim Trailer


Okay, the Pacific Rim trailer hits multiple sweet spots at once. Let’s count them:

1. The “mech-themed anime brought to life” sweet spot.
If this hits, the odds of big-budget, live-action Gundam, Macross and such getting made will skyrocket.
2. The “Guillermo del Toro’s Lovecraft fetish” sweet spot.
The multi-eyed monsters look exactly like the kind of creatures Hellboy would fight. Unfortunately, Hellboy didn’t make the kind of money everyone hoped. Regardless, if I may paraphrase Mel Gibson, it’s clear that in Pacific Rim, the Kaijus are responsible for all the wars in the world.
3. The “Idris Elba is awesome” sweet spot.
Yes, Elbaholics, he finally got a lead role in a non-Tyler Perry big movie, and he gets to dramatically speechify. Happy? Because that James Bond thing y’all keep pushing just isn’t gonna happen.
Here’s my only issue…
Charlie Hunnam. Been bored with this guy from the moment I saw him star in Nicholas Nickleby, and I don’t care how much cred he’s supposedly earned from Sons of Anarchy – I know a fake Ewan McGregor-style American accent when I hear one, and it grates on the eardrums – you get HIM to narrate the trailer when you’ve got Elba in the cast? Am hoping that when monsters and robots start kicking ass, he won’t have time to open his mouth much.


And I certainly look forward to seeing this trailer in 3D.