A Pornography Demon’s Loose in Church in New Christian Found-Footage Horror Flick


I can’t help thinking that Christian horror movies really take away the wrong lessons sometimes. It’s not impossible to do a good one – with absolutely no facetiousness, I consider The Passion of the Christ a truly great one, as it conveys the visceral horror of the wages of sin to believers, and of man’s inhumanity to man to the non-faithful. The Exorcist obviously features a little too much bad language and inappropriate sexuality for a contemporary Christian market, but it surely shouldn’t be too difficult to make a more PG knockoff.

Instead, you get The Lock In (a title which should be hyphenated, BTW)…

“Movies have always been a good medium to highlight social issues. Pornography is a growing epidemic in the church community for men, women, and children with most of the underage victims being exposed in a place thought to be safe,” reads a description of the film in a press statement from the producers…

In addition to being entertaining, the producers, Christian comedian Rich Praytor and Beverly Banks, say they want “The Lock In” to be used “as a tool for conversations about the dangers of pornography and the importance of being aware.”

In regard to the demonic aspect tied to the film, they explain that the “demon is a metaphor for the true damage pornography can have in the lives of youth.”

Maybe they should have tried making a good movie first, then worried about the message. Because if I were a working actor with any talent whatsoever who believed in Jesus, I’d be asking why He let this happen at all…

It is only $5.99, though. So the producers definitely aren’t guilty of usury. Now: bring on the porn parody!

h/t SlyDante777