New Elysium Trailer Basically Tells You the Whole Plot



A lot of this stuff in the new trailer was shown at the presentation for the media in April, and they’ve finally decided everyone else was worthy too.

Something to bear in mind: Neill Blomkamp himself thinks the trailers are giving too much away. With that said, when you have an unknown property at a huge budget, many fence-sitters will want to know more details before making up their minds. The politics of the movie – which I suspect are mostly window-dressing – may turn off some, but do remember that Blomkamp is probably not thinking in terms of Republican versus Democrat, but apartheid South Africa, where the class separation was on a scale we probably can’t imagine seeing here, with legalized racism, shanty towns and the like.

This and Pacific Rim are the last big movies of the season I’m still pumped for. Trailer after the jump.

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