Mega Man‘s Belated Birthday Present: Street Fighter!

Twenty-five is an appropriate age to look back on your youth, reflect upon the adult you’ve become, and hang onto the things of your childhood for just a little bit longer (or, in most of our cases, forever). For regular humans, it’s also the age your car insurance rates first go down. For poor Mega Man, however, it was barely acknowledged until fan demand made it so, and Capcom decided to gift us all with memories of his young self as an 8-bit character…and threw Street Fighter characters into the mix as well. This is, admittedly, an unfair disadvantage for the world warriors, who came into their heyday in 16-bit. It is also extremely cute, if one can say that about the likes of green Brazilian electro-beasts.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is available for free download now.

h/t T.Y.