Open Thread: Happy Birthday Stan Lee!

stan lee.jpg
Gage Skidmore on Flickr.

That Stan Lee is alive and spinning story webs still warms my heart. Not so much out of geek love; I’m pretty much Team Kirby when it comes to comics history and disputes (Yes, I kinda hate that I sort-of just used Twilight nomenclature, but it’s concise, and I presume you know I’m not suggesting Jack Kirby should be the one to deflower Kristen Stewart). Rather, it gives me hope that attending every party to which I’m invited, noshing on the free food, telling the same stories family members have already OD’ed on and smiling at everyone is a recipe for immortality. Because that would mean I’m on the right track. Except for the part where I help create major superheroes; maybe that should be a New Year’s resolution.

I doubt he’s reading – or I’d have been far more flattering above – but feel free to discuss what Stan Lee means to you in comments below. Then have a great weekend – New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day blogging levels will be akin to those of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, respectively, after which news should start happening again.

Wait for it…

Obligatory Stan Lee exclamation coming…