Pepsi Chicken Potato Chips: Now China Even Beats Us at Junk Food!

America is home to some of the greatest hybrids of terrible-for-you food on top of awful-for-your-arteries edibles. Think the bacon cheeseburger pizza. The Philly cheesesteak egg roll. The peanut-butter-filled pretzel ice cream.

China is home to industries that are constantly trying to one-up us. And the Chinese branches of Frito-Lay and Pepsi have done exactly that.

Okay, so Pepsi and Frito-Lay are actually American companies. But the idea to combine chicken and Pepsi into one taste was all the Chinese people, who apparently like to mix those two favorite flavors of Colonel Sanders into one dinner concoction. My friend Brian once tried to roast a chicken with an open can of Mountain Dew inside, but that never caught on with the public at large. This is such a “thing” in China that it’s now a potato chip variety.

We have to admit, it beats out the previous most-popular flavor from China, “Lead Poisoning.”

Original story via Adage. Video via Oddity Central.