Power Lords Figures Are Back – Sign of the Apocalypse?


It wouldn’t be an apocalypse day without the Four Horsemen. No, not the biblical quartet or the wrestling clique, but the fearsome foursome of toy sculpting who’ve brought you Spawn figures, DC Universe, Masters of the Universe Classics and FANtastic exclusives. It’s been clear throughout their careers that one of their hobbies is recreating some of their childhood action-figure faves with updated sculpts – witness the updated Super Powers characters in the DC line, or the two He-Man revivals they’ve been part of. Now, they’re updating what was arguably the weirdest line of the entire ’80s – Revell’s Power Lords. Based on the surreal alien and fantasy art of Wayne Douglas Barlowe, the series never had a tie-in cartoon to explain why the lead female character transformed into what looked like a flayed piece of meat, or how these bizarre and wholly different-from-each-other-looking creatures related to each other. But they had a ton of articulation, and lots of sharp, pointy bits that would never pass safety muster today.

The good news is that the Four Horsemen ought to do the sculpts justice. The bad news? It’s going to be a 3-3/4″ scaled line, with interchangeable parts (the Glyos system). Now, part of the whole appeal of the original line is that they didn’t remotely look like you could ever mix and match parts, plus they were around a 6″ scale originally to fit in with other sci-fi/fantasy hybrid lines like MOTU, Sectaurs and Thundercats.

Too little, too late? If they can successfully translate evil purple butterfly dude Arkuss into that scale and not have him instantly fall to pieces, I will accept that they have the Power, Lord.

Up next, can somebody please revive Dino-Riders? Aliens riding dinosaurs never gets old.

h/t @JohnDoctorKent