Third Riddick Movie – Called Riddick – set for Sept. 6th Date


via Vin Diesel’s Facebook

It’s time to go back to the Vin-yard where the grapes of wrath are stored: Vin Diesel’s third outing as the night-visioned sci-fi antihero Richard B. Riddick (the B stands for “Bitchin’,” or should, at least) is coming out in theaters and Imax Sept. 6th, 2013.

I have mixed feelings for this. Pitch Black was great, and I had high hopes for The Chronicles of Riddick, but they sunk as soon as the Necromonger leader came out and started giving a speech about the Underverse, full of made-up sci-fi nonsense words. I wanted to forgive it that, but it was exactly the sort of thing that makes non-nerds think all sci-fi is silly. I still love the idea of a darker-toned universe that has things like a black Muslim separatist planet, but if the budget to realize it necessitates a watered-down PG-13 product, I think we’ve seen that has too many pitfalls.

The new Riddick promises a return to Pitch Black territory, perhaps too literally, as it sounds like exactly the same plot – he’s stranded on a planet with deadly alien creatures and humans who are out to kill him. And yes, it will explain how he went from being leader of the Necromongers to finding himself inside his own reboot.

Maybe we’ll also get new Riddick action figures that don’t melt into stickiness after a year.

via IAmRogue